It’s important to us, to create the best experiences in our hotels for guests and employees. Now and in the future. Therefore we take responsibility for our environment and society.

At Odyssey Hotel Group webelieve that we have to contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment. Allour hotels will be Green Key certified in 2024. The Green Key certificate isthe leading standard for sustainable operation within the tourismindustry. This prestigious certificate represents a commitment to adhereto the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education. A Green Key assures guests that, bychoosing to stay with a Green Key establishment, they help to make a differencefor the environment. The high environmental standards are maintained throughrigorous documentation and frequent audits.

Green Key

We are just atthe starting point of our sustainability journey, and we keep looking out for improvements. Together, we can achieve so much more and we realise that taking care of our planet and people on it, is necessary to be future-proof as a hospitality company. Therefore we aim to find more solutions to save energy, water and waste. We want to reduce our CO2 emissions and support the community, while inspiring our team members and guests.

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