Our story, our people

Creating memorable stories since 2012

Our story

A passion for design and storytelling

Back in 2012, the seed was planted.  We had a vision to create something truly special inhospitality. A business that would partner up with investors, real estate, and brands to create next-level guest and employee experiences that had never been seen before. We are proud to be different, and as white-label operators of respected global hotel brands, we leverage our deep understanding of the hotel and hospitality markets and our industry connections with great care. From the moment we opened our very first hotel in Sindelfingen in 2013, our innovative start-up mindset has created a team of passionate hospitality specialists who are determined to offer exceptional guest experiences. Going the extra mile is just how we roll.

Odyssey Highlights

Despite our rapid expansion, we're a business built on developing and maintaining local and personal connections. Better personal connections lead to better professional connections. It’s all and always about people.

5 countries
3,316 rooms
9 brands operated
150 hotels by 2026
545 Bravehearts
364,000 guests in 2022
92.2% employee retention rate
10 years of magical stories
+22.2% employee growth
5 countries
3,316 rooms
9 brands operated
150 hotels by 2026
545 Bravehearts
364,000 guests in 2022
92.2% employee retention rate
10 years of magical stories
+22.2% employee growth

In 2016 our vision was born

A pivotal moment


2016 was the moment we opened the first hotel  that was entirely conceived, designed and transformed by a dedicated Odyssey team. The combination of a strong sense of storytelling with cutting-edge design makes Hotel Nassau Breda a destination on its own. The unique historical venue tells the ancient stories of a time nobility inhabited the building, as well as the days long ago when nuns housed local children[bd1]. The unexpected combination of the old architecture balanced with innovative interior design means that every guest has an unforgettable stay.

Visit hotel Nassau

Effortless style

Throughout Odyssey we encourage everyone to embrace Sprezzatura – the Italian mindset of a life lived with effortless style and a passion for every detail. This Italian word means so much to our teams and is a wonderful reminder to make every moment matter. Sprezzatura: (n) The ability to make one’s actions seem effortless

Hospitality artisans

Odyssey teams are hospitality artisans understanding the value in the detail of every moment.

Culinary excellence

Our passion for unique and locally inspired menus means memorable experiences from breakfast to dinner.

Luxurious interiors

Hotel design is where we start: inspirational, always paying homage to the architecture and creating the wow factor.

Our Philosophy


Our purpose, vision, and mission are deeply aligned, which enable both guests and employees alike to create amazing experiences with inspiring stories to share. Our passion for storytelling is felt in every space we create,  and our purpose shines through in everything we do. Everyone who works with us or stays with us definitely has a story worth sharing.

Our purpose is
why we do what we do

Amazing stories for our guests, employees and partners

Our vision is
what we do

Breavehearts creating magical moments

Our mission is
how we do it

Empower each other
to deliver more

Together we grow

A unique & inclusive culture

We are proud to be positive disruptors of an industry we love. We encourage everyone who works with us to take full responsibility to keep our promise of creating amazing stories for our guests, employees, and partners. Our high-performance culture recognises the importance of quality employees and leadership, continuous improvement, and openness, which comes with an action-based, change-embracing mindset. We embrace change and the people who embrace it.

Join us

Our leadership team

People who have Odyssey in their DNA

The leadership team consists of people who have Odyssey in their DNA. This passionate team is committed to shaping and strategizing our future, supported by our dedicated team culture and well-executed planning and operations.

Rick van erp
Founder & CEO
ARnoud Griffioen
Nathalie Zonneveld
VP Legal
RUTGER van Erp
VP design & construction
Jules van Gaalen
VP development &
asset management
Katharina Barenthien
VP Operations

Our partners

Unrivalled brand guardians

Being a trusted partner to world-class brands is not only a deep honour, it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. We are built upon the strength of the relationships we have with our brand partners - and all those who work with us- to create hospitality magic. It’s all about people, passion, and performance.

Always celebrating success

Every team member in every location makes a difference and although seeing happy guests is the best recognition of all, the praise and accolades from our wonderful industry and peers are also very welcome.