Olaibi's story

The people that make our brand

My name is Olaibi Oladele, and I was born and raised in Nigeria. Before I came in contact with Customer Care Services, I studied Business Administration in Ukraine. In Ukraine, my passion was organising and executing weddings and events – it’s always so rewarding seeing guests create great memories and helping them have a memorable day. I realised the direct connection with guests and my role in their day motivated me – it was so satisfying seeing people have a great time.

After moving to the Netherlands, I found accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express, Amsterdam, for a month, just like many more people from Ukraine. That was also my way into Odyssey and Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam. I applied to the hotel at the reception, got invited to an interview, and soon enough, I started in the Food and Beverage team. What an opportunity!

After I mentioned that I missed the close contact with people and would like to interact more with the hotel's guests, I was offered a front office role where I now get to welcome every guest with a friendly and warm smile! That's Odyssey, aiming to create great guest experiences full of opportunities.