WILDN opens it's doors

Plant based cuisine



We embark on our next phase of tasty local destinations with the opening of WILDN last Friday, October 7, 2022 – a fully plant-based fine dining restaurant. For this inspirational concept, Odyssey partners with the 2 Michelin starred chef Bart De Pooter.

“It is the first restaurant to bring a plant based high-end experience to the city of Antwerp" -according to Bart de Pooter.

Guests can expect top-level vegetable dishes, with all herbs, vegetables, and flowers coming from our own gardens or from local growers. Although Bart de Pooter’s roots and his 2Michelin starred restaurant namely Pastorale** are 18 kilometers away, he chose Antwerp to take his culinary taste journey and embark on a plant-based adventure.

With my plant-based projects, I want to take the lead and give the market perspective. I see a future in which many restaurants take the step into a plant-based concept: from top gastronomy to fast food - according to Bart de Pooter.

The ambiance of WILDN perfectly complements the food. In a unique historical setting with Rococo ornaments, designed red walls, ceilings decorated in gold, and a dark wooden fireplace, we welcome our guests for a new culinary experience. With the focus on celebrating and protecting world’s cultural heritage with Sapphire House Antwerp, Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott – the name WILDN is also credited to the history with the statue of the wild man and woman on the 15th-century coat of arms of Antwerp at the restaurant entrance of the building. Besides, the name shows the wild side of nature, referring to the wild herbs and flowers, and the fermentations that take place in the preparations.

Due to our long-standing corporation with Marriott International, Odyssey has been trusted to generate a hotel remarkably unlike anything else by being the first 100% plant-based hotel within Marriott. With the iconic gem WILDN, we go one step further – a new culinary chapter has begun. For Odyssey, it’s crucial to position WILDN as its own unique entity. This to attract culinary sensory seekers to the recipes of Bart de Pooter. Because only then guests will sense they are getting a unique and elegant experience. Our partnership with Bart de Pooter perfectly fits our objective to provide unrivalled dining experiences to make each location truly amazing. The passionate team of WILDN takes your taste buds on a plant-based journey.